Hipster Password As A Service


Transparent, open source, highly configurable API for generating random phrases with tons of different options and a default one.

Options are "classic configuration" like length/alphabet/count, but also UID, phrases from wordlist, custom generation policies/rules and so on.


Secure phrases generation is always needed. There are a lot of autonomous applications and services running in the background that need to have rotating passwords.

A lot of companies have policies that force users to change their password every 3 months or so.


Using a standard REST API the process of creating passwords can be automated whenever needed.

Mobile, web and desktop applications can utilise the API to support the users for such repetative tasks that need to produce unique and strong output.

👼Why trust a service like this?

Transparency is vital for such services! The source code will be open and available on GitHub for everyone to check and use.

💸Does it cost?

The source code is open and available for free.

🌏A mind map of the different options

👋I will be happy to hear from you

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